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RAINIER (SWEET):   Early season. Produces fruit shaped like Bing but has yellow skin with a red blush. Cherry is firm and sweet. The fruit has a sweet flavor, great for fresh eating. Pollinate with Bing, Montmorency, or Stella.

BING (SWEET):   Mid-season. The heavy-yielding variety produces large fruit with dark burgundy skin. Fruit is meaty, sweet, and juicy. Excellent for fresh eating and canning. Pollinate with Montmorency, Rainier, or Stella.

LAPINS (SWEET):  Early-harvest season. Fruit is large, dark, and firm. Excellent flavor and texture. Semi-fertile sweet cherry.

STELLA (SWEET):     Mid-season. Produces fruit with skin and flesh that are black. Fruit is sweet and juicy. Excellent for fresh eating. Self-pollinating, but will produce better with another variety.

MONTMORENCY (SOUR):  Mid-season. Heavy yielding variety that produces large, bright red fruit. Fruit is tart making it a great cherry to bake pies or other delicious desserts. Self-Pollinating, but will produce better with another variety.


BARTLETT:  Early season. Produces medium to large fruit with green skin that ripens to yellow. Fruit is sweet and tender. Great for fresh eating or canning and ripens without cold storage. Partially self-pollinating.



20TH CENTURY ASIAN:  Mid-season. Produces round fruit with greenish-yellow skin. The fruit is firm and juicy with a sweet and slightly tart flavor.  Pollinate with Bartlett, Chojuro, or Shinseiki.

CHOJURO:  Mid-harvest season. The tree is medium in size and spreading. Fruit is oblong. Skin color is greenish brown with a russet. Pear is sweet and mild, somewhat coarse. Pollinate with Shinseiki and Bartlett.

SHINSEIKI ASIAN:  Early season. Produces fruit that is round to oblong in a uniform shape with smooth, yellow skin containing small dots of color. The fruit is very sweet and tender. Pollinate with Chojuro and Bartlett.

SHINKO:  Early-to-mid-harvest season. Large round fruit. Bronze russet skin. Resistant to fire blight.


SANTA ROSA:  Early harvest season. The tree is large and hardy. Fruit is also large with a cone shape. Skin color is a deep purplish red. Plum has a sweet-tart taste and is firm. Excellent for fresh eating. Requires one additional plum tree to pollinate. 

SHIRO:  Early harvest season. The trees low growing and hardy. The fruits round and medium in size. Their skin color is golden yellow. Plum is sweet, juicy and flavorful. Best of the yellow plums. They are used for canning and dessert. The trees are very productive. Requires one additional plum tree to pollinate. 


STANLEY:  Late season. Heavy yielding variety that produces large, tender and sweet fruit. Fruit is freestone and has a deep purple skin and yellow flesh. Great for cooking, fresh eating or dried. Self-pollinating.

ITALIAN:  Late season. Heavy yielding variety that produces large oval shaped fruit. Fruit is freestone with purplish-black skin and greenish-yellow flesh. Fruit is sweet with some tartness and is great for fresh eating, drying or canning. Self-pollinating.

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