Montmorency: Self fertile and will pollinate all other varieties. Bright red, tart cherry with yellow flesh. Good for cooking and pies. 8-15' Tall and 10-15' Wide. Ripens in late June.

Rainier: Needs a pollinator. Use Montmorency or Stella as a pollinator. Large yellow fruit with a red blush, firm, tasty with clear yellow flesh. Very productive. 15-20' Tall. Ripens June-July.

Stella: Self fertile and will pollinate all other varieties. Large, heart-shaped, dark red fruits with juicy, sweet flesh and rich flavor. Great for fresh eating. 15-20' Tall. Ripens mid June.

Bing: Heavy yielding variety produces large fruit with dark burgundy skin. Fruit is meaty, sweet, and juicy. Excellent for fresh eating and canning. Pollinate with Montmorency, Rainer, or Stella.

LAPINS: Details soon


4-Way Combination Cherry: Stella, Bing, Royal Ann, Lapins. A self pollinating cherry tree with a different variety on each branch. Good for small spaces or if you want to pollinate another cherry tree. Bing: Self fertile, black, sweet, firm, juicy fruit. Ripens early July. Royal Ann: Very large yellow/red fruit with sweet flesh, Good fresh or canned, Ripens in July. Lapins: Black split-resistant fruit with very good flavor, great for fresh eating, Ripens July.



Stanley SD, D: Self fertile. Deep purple skin with sweet, golden, freestone flesh. Tastes great fresh or dried or canned. Ripens in September.

Italian SD: Self fertile. Medium-large fruit with dark purple skin and golden/green freestone flesh that turns dark wine color when cooked. Perfect for eating fresh, drying or canning. Great for cooking. Ripens August-September.

Shiro dwarf: details soon

Asian Pears

Nijisseiki(20th Century): Self fertile. Will pollinate Bartlett. Round, yellowish/green skin and has crisp, sweet, very juicy flavor. Harvest mid September.

Shinseiki: Self fertile. Will pollinate Bartlett or other Asian pears. Round pear has bright yellow skin with a sweet, slightly tart, juicy flavor. Harvest August-September.

Chojuro: Partially self fertile. Nijisseiki or Shinseiki are good companion trees. Round, golden fruit with a butterscotch flavor. Harvest mid September. 

SHINKO: details soon


4-Way Combination Asian Pear: Chojuro, 20th Century, Tsuli, Hosui. A self pollinating tree with a different variety on each branch. Tsuli: Needs pollinator, Pear shaped fruit, rather than round, Greeninsh/yellow with juicy, crisp flavor. Hosui: Needs pollinator, Round medium-large golden fruit and one of the best tasting Asian pears.


Bartlett: Produces medium to large fruit with green skin that ripens to yellow. Fruit is sweet and tender. Great for fresh eating or canning and ripens without cold storage. Partially self pollinating, but crossing with Anjou, Bosc, or Comice will give you a larger production.

European Pears

5-Way Combination European Pear: Kieffer, Seckel, Bartlett, Anjou, Hood. A self fertile tree with a different variety on each branch. Good for small spaces or pollinating other pear trees. Kieffer: Self fertile, large yellow fruit crisp and juicy, Harvest September-October. Seckel: Small fruit, green/yellow skin with red blush, very sweet dessert quality pear, Harvest September. Anjou: Medium-large fruit with green-yellow skin and sweet-creamy flavor, Harvest September. Hood: Large, yellow/green pear with good tasting buttery textured flesh, Harvest August.

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