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Early Season 

CHEHALIS:  Early harvest, large, greenish-yellow, pink blush. Sweet, crisp, and juicy. Disease resistant. 

GRAVENSTEIN:  Early harvest season. The fruit is medium to large with light green skin and red stripes. Apple has a fine texture and is crisp, juicy, flavorful, and tart. Famous for sauce and baking, but also great for fresh eating. Triploid, sterile variety. NOTE: Needs two other types that are different for cross-pollinating. A combination of Scarlet Sentinel, Liberty, or multi-graft pollinates it. Pollen pure--do not use it to pollinate other trees in your orchard. 

YELLOW TRANSPARENT:  Early harvest season.  Produces medium-sized crisp, juicy, tender, and tart fruit.  The skin of fully ripe fruit is pale yellow, waxy, thin, and transparent.  The fruit is medium in size.  A cooking favorite, these apples make superb sauces and pies but are also great for drying or fresh eating.  Unfortunately, the fruit has a short shelf life when ripe. NOTE:  Pollinated by Chehalis, or Liberty.

Mid Season

HONEYCRISP:   Mid-harvest season. Produces large fruit with richly coral-colored skin over a yellow background. Apple has a sweet-tart flavor and stores well. NOTE:  Pollinated by Fuji, Liberty, Goldrush, or Scarlett Sentinel.

TRIUMPH:  Mid-harvest season. Firm fruit, pleasantly tart with beautiful red color.  Scab tolerant, good storage life, and tasty for fresh eating. 




GOLDEN SENTINEL:  This newer variety produces a striking display of white spring flowers followed by very large and attractive solid golden yellow fruit.  Sweet, juicy and delicious. Disease resistant and productive.

NORTHPOLE:  Large, bright red, tasty McIntosh-type fruit. Crisp, juicy and aromatic. Attractive and productive tree.

SCARLET SENTINEL:   Large, delicious, greenish-yellow fruit. Dense clusters of white flowers are followed by abundant, closely spaced fruit. Very productive and disease resistant. The most dwarfing of the Columnar varieties.

Late Season

FREEDOM:  Late-harvest season. Apple is orange red with yellow-green striping and some patches of russet.  Flesh is fine and juicy with a sub acid flavor.  High disease resistance.

FUJI:  Late-harvest season. Tree is vigorous, very productive and the fruit has a long shelf life. Fruit has dulled reddish orange colored skin, sometimes rusetted. Flavor is a balance between sweet and tart. NOTE:  Pollinated by Honeycrisp or Liberty.

LIBERTY:  Late-harvest season. Skin color is solid red. Apple is crisp and juicy but somewhat tart. Good for fresh eating or cooking. Resistant to scab, rust, mildew, and fire blight. NOTE:  Pollinated by Yellow Transparent, Golden Sentinel, Honeycrisp, or Scarlet Sentinel.

PINK LADY:  Late-harvest season.  Fruit is oblong with pink blush over yellow overtone.  Flesh is creamy white with a sweet tart flavor. Long storage life.


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