Dwarf (D)Espalier (E) on M26 root-stock produces 8-12’ tree.

Semi Dwarf (SD) on M7 root-stocks produces 18-22’ trees. SEE TAGS if not specified here.

Most are 7/8” or 1” caliper that bear the first year.

Our selections are chosen for their ability to grow well in our maritime climate. 


CHEHALIS SD: Early, large, greenish yellow, pink blush. Sweet, crisp and juicy. Disease resistant. 

ENTERPRISE SD: Large, crisp, red, flavorful, excellent disease resistance. Storage 6 mos. Mid.season. =


FREEDOM SD, D:  Medium red apple with excellent flavor, juicy, crisp for all uses. Use mid-season pollenizer.

Virtually disease free even here on the coast! Best new variety since Liberty. 

LIBERTY SD, D: This apple is a 10! Red/yellow stripe, early-mid-season. Annual crop, small if not thinned.

High quality with sweet/tart balance you’ll love! 

FUJI: SD, D- mid-season, popular in grocery stores, crisp, sweet and juicy. Dessert quality, conical shape.

Best flavor with proper thinning & pruning, spray. 


HONEYCRISP SD Mid-late bloom. Fabulous flavor! Crisp, white juicy flesh. 

GOLDEN DELICIOUS SD (P) Late Mid-season. Self-fertile. Good pollinizer for other mid to late apples except Gala.

Popular high quality golden fruit for fresh eating, desserts. Spray needed. BEST flavor when picked late (October). 

COX'S ORANGE PIPPIN SD: Late, conical, red with yellow stripe and yellow flesh, excellent flavor and texture.

This antique apple has superb flavor for any use. Somewhat disease resistant once established. 

KING SD: Late, Excellent keeper. Good disease resistance. Large, flat, red/yellow stripes. Flesh: creamy yellow.

All uses! Old variety found locally on homesteads. 

MUTSU SD: Late. Great old russetted variety. Very large, firm, yellow turning golden in fall, rich flavor,

coarse texture, good for baking and cider. Pollen sterile. 

WINTER BANANA SD:  Chosen best tasting apple at our 2015 apple show. Rich, tangy-buttery flavor.

Pale yellow skin with pink blush. Creamy flesh. Late variety. Need pollinizer. Grows well here. 

AKANE SD: Considered one of the best mid season apples with good disease resistance. Very good flavor, a blend of sweet and sharp, preferable for eating, stays firm cooked. 

PINK LADY SD:  An October apple with medium-size fruit with rich yellow skin blushed with pink. Bred to keep well with lack of storage scald. 

GOLD SENTINAL: Yellow apple with great flavor, white, crisp flesh. Good for pots, small gardens.

Disease resistant. Use mid-season pollinizer. 

SCARLET SENTINAL: Columnar apple with large, crisp, red, sweet apples. Multi use. Disease resistant.

Use mid-season pollinizer.

GOLD RUSH SD: Very late. Also selected for its disease resistance, Gold Rush is also a good keeper

that improves in flavor after 2 months in storage. Yellow, crisp medium size with excellent flavor. A 10!! Produces young.

Better than the Aussie’s Granny Smith—Gold Rush grows very well here.

HOLSTEIN SD: Small, sweet yellow, great for cider, desert quality. Stores 5 mos. in cold. Disease resistant.

Mid-season pollinator required. Discovered in early 1900's in Germany. An uncommon apple that will not disappoint. 

PRISCILLA SD: Mid season, red with yellow stripes, best eaten off the tree, cider. Disease resistance is excellent, however Priscilla is not a good storage apple. 

GRAVENSTEIN: Early-harvest. Fruit is medium to large with light green skin and red stripes. Apple has a fine texture and is crisp, juicy, flavorful, and tart. Famous for sauce and baking, but also great for fresh eating. Triploid, sterile variety. Needs 2 other varieties that are different to cross pollinate. Pollinated by a combination of Scarlet Sentinel, Liberty, and Honeycrisp.

YELLOW TRANSPARENT SD: Early. Sweet, yellow skin, white flesh. Juicy, flavorful. Fresh, sauce, cider.

Tender flesh does not store well.  Good pollinizer, self-fertile. 

COMBINATION APPLES SD  AND ESPALLIER: M7 root-stock Early, mid and late varieties on one tree.

Espaliers are on dwarfing M26 root stock. Branches in tiered fashion.

Regular Combo varieties: Braeburn, Gala, Fuji, Jonagold, Granny Smith

Antique: Snow Famuse, Summer Rambo, Golden Russet, Pound Sweet, Roxbury Russet

Espalier Combo: Yellow Delicious, Lodi, Gravenstein, Gala, Red Macintosh, Jonathan  (sorry sold out for 2018)

*Crabapples  are also very good pollinators for late apples; and very beautiful too!

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