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All are self-fertile but get high production with 2 different varieties. All blueberries bloom in a 2 week window and cross pollinate.

Blue crop: Medium sized berry with good tart flavor. Good for all uses. 

Darrow: Large, light blue, tart flavor, more flat shape. Blooms late but ripens early. We snack on this in the nursery in August—Yum!     NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Earliblue: The first plants to produce, heavy yields, great flavor, medium size berries. 4-5’ tall. 

Sunshine Blue: Evergreen! This beautiful plant not only adds interest to the winter garden, it offers exceptionally tasty fruit to the summer garden. Easy to grow and hardy to 0 degrees. Grows to 3-4’ tall and requires minimal pruning. Baking. (they don’t explode!) Another favorite!

Chandler: With fruit the size of cherries and surprisingly delicious flavor, Chandler is clearly the world’s largest blueberry. Ripens over 6 weeks. The bush is vigorous with large, dark green foliage and a slightly spreading habit to 5- 6 feet. 

Spartan: Spartan features one of the most attractive and best flavored berries of any cultivar. It is light blue, very large (often covering a quarter) with a delicious tangy sweet flavor. It is an easy to pick upright bush reaching 5-6 feet at maturity. The large glossy green leaves turn orange and yellow in the fall. Slow to establish, but worth the wait! Prefers well-drained sandy loam with lots of organic matter.

Jersey: Older, widely grown variety. Easy to grow, heavy producing late season variety. This bush grows quite large, often reaching 7 feet at maturity. The dark blue, small to medium sized fruit is very sweet and a favorite for baking. A reliable producer year after year.

Pink Lemonade: Fruit is pink, sweet and plant is robust. Excellent flavor, great for color change up in fruit salads. A new variety in our garden, so not a lot of history with this one, other than it tastes great!

Duke: Early, medium sized, mildly tart. Holds its freshness longer than others. Good producer. Beautiful fall orange foliage.

Patriot: Early season. Heavy producer with large fruit that cluster like grapes. Delicate sweet flavor.

Native blueberry: Vaccinium Ovatum: ripens late Summer- October. Large evergreen shrub.

Very ornamental as well as productive. Grows quite large without pruning. 8’x8’, Deer resistant!

Raspberries/Blackberries: Sorry, none for early bareroot season. 

Meeker: Medium size, firm, dark red berries with classic raspberry flavor and superior quality. Excellent for fresh market and the home gardener.  Do not place in heavy, clay soils. Use raised bed and add ample compost to avoid root rot.  We recommend Meeker for the home gardener due to its excellent flavor. Zone 3-9  Not available

Latham:  Good for our coastal soils as it is resistant to root rot. Very hardy, good producer, however may be crumbly and not as flavorful as other varieties. Worth a try if others have failed due to root rot. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Fall Gold:  Super sweet, medium sized, ripens in July. Yum! (yellow berry) Check in late spring. 

MARION BERRY: This summertime favorite has few seeds and incredible flavor great for pies, jams, smoothies, scones, fresh eating. Big berries on vigorous vines. Needs support. 



Hood: 1965 from Oregon State University. The large conical berry is considered to have the best table quality. A fine preserve & jam berry, and is good for all other uses. Resistant to Root Rot, Mildew, and Red Stele but is quite susceptible to virus and should not be planted near strawberries known to be virused. Bears entire crop over a short period. Popular home variety. Spring crop (June into early July), with fall repeat which is lighter. Mike’s favorite!

Shuksan: Large and glossy bright red fruit with slightly indented yellowish red seeds. Medium firm meaty flesh with good flavor. Good for fresh eating, excellent for freezing. The plant is large and very vigorous. Also produces runners freely. Shuksan is winter hardy. Virus tolerant and Red Stele resistant. Does not demand perfect drainage. Abundant June crop. Linda’s favorite!

Tri Star:  Day Neutral. Sweet and aromatic. Produces a heavy, very early spring crop of small to medium short conic fruit. Cool fall weather will bring larger, more elongated fruit. Fall crop is the heaviest. Berries have firm, glossy, deep red skin with solid, medium red flesh. Fresh fruit flavor is excellent. Also recommended for freezing. Medium size plants with moderate number of runners which will bloom and bear fruit before rooted. This is a good variety for hanging baskets. Resistant to Red Stele and Verticillium Wilt. Tolerant of Leaf Scorch and Leaf Blight. Zones 5 - 8.

Seascape: Day Neutral. Produces a high yield of large, firm, flavorful berries.  Unlike June-bearing strawberries that produce berries in June and July, day-neutral varieties produce fruit throughout summer and into autumn, as long as temperatures are between 35 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Day-neutral strawberries do not develop runners. A coastal favorite.

Quinault: Developed by WA state for the Pacific Northwest, this variety is ideal for our area. Well-suited for home gardens, fresh eating and desserts. High yields of large, firm berries with excellent flavor.

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